Power Generation

‘UK Power Generator invests in new CW system operating equipment after 40 years to generate spot on, in just 6 days.’


To replace a Circulating Water Pump Discharge Valve Operating system that was causing reliability, productivity and environmental problems for a major Power Generator.


The existing system was becoming increasingly unreliable and unable to meet spot generation demand. Valuable operations staff’s time was being spent visually checking the valve position indication system prior to generation.
Components were badly corroded, obsolete and leaking oil, causing increasing environmental concern.

Complete the project within a 6 day outage window!!.


To remove the existing system and replace with a new system, manufactured, installed and commissioned by Varley Hydraulics own team of specialist engineers.
The new system which had been specifically designed by Varley Hydraulics incorporated;

  • A Control and Telemetry system designed to fully interface with the existing system without modification.
  • All hydraulic valves designed into a single bespoke circuit manifold assembly eliminating many potential leak paths.
  • A new design of hydraulic cylinder interfacing directly with the existing mounting and incorporating stainless steel piston rod and the latest sealing technology.
  • A paint system requiring no maintenance for 20 years.
  • A valve position indication system incorporating ‘sub-sea’ proximity switches in place of existing troublesome mechanical limit switches.
  • A new control cubicle constructed from GRP with heavy duty Stainless steel locks and hinges, incorporating an anti-condensation heater and interior lighting.
  • Stainless steel pipework installed by Varley Hydraulics own qualified coded welders.
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